Banana smoothie with oat flakes

It is well known that Breakfast — this is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, it needs to be not only substantial, but also to carry the required amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, to charge the body with energy for the whole day. The most delicious of nutritious and vitamin-Packed Breakfast is undoubtedly smoothies, recipes are quite varied. Plus, smoothies are often used to flush your body of harmful substances Recipes best detox smoothies. But if You want to cook a simple and healthy Breakfast, then prepare a banana smoothie with oats.

Banana smoothies . the recipe of which is described below, is a very delicious and hearty Breakfast that will appeal not only to adults but also

to children. This banana smoothie ingredients are only natural products, moreover, it contains no sugar and can be helpful to women who want to lose weight and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

The smoothie recipe includes the amount of ingredients for approximately 2 servings. For making smoothies in the blender, we need the following products:

• Banana — 2 PCs (small size)

• Orange — 1 PC.

• Oat flakes of fast preparation — 4 tbsp

• Kefir or natural yogurt — 250 g

• Water — 4 tbsp

The required amount of oat flakes pour boiling water, leave flakes so that they defend. Clean the banana and orange peel, banana, cut into small pieces, and orange additionally cleaned from walls, membranes and bones to clean the pulp.

Fold in the bowl of a blender water-soaked cereal, banana slices and orange flesh. The products listed in a blender until a homogeneous structure, approximately 5 minutes, add kefir (yogurt) in a bowl and whisk for about 2 minutes.

Smoothie drinks are ready, pour into glasses and decorate as desired. Most useful freshly made smoothies, so pour and drink it immediately after preparation.

In addition to a healthy Breakfast smoothie can also be a beautiful and refreshing dessert after any meal. If smoothies are interested in You as meals for weight loss, to diversify the diet can recipes smoothies for weight loss, which can be found in article 8 of the smoothie recipes for weight loss. Bon appétit!

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