Cinnamon for weight loss recipe with ginger

In supermarkets and markets to purchase cinnamon in the form of twisted sticks or in powder form. The main requirement when choosing spices – it should be fresh and have a distinct aroma. Store cinnamon need in a dark place, preferably in a glass container with a tightly fitting lid. Shelf life cinnamon sticks – about one year, and powdered spices – up to 6 months.

There is another trick used by many suppliers of spices – bulk cinnamon in our markets are fake. This is the bark of the Chinese cinnamon tree or

Cassia. Cassia and cinnamon have similar properties, but scientists have proved that it is in Ceylon cinnamon is more useful substances.

Benefit to slimming

The main advantage of cinnamon in weight loss is its ability to regulate sugar levels in the blood. Increased sugar leads to rapid weight gain and can lead to the development of diabetes type II diabetes (non-insulin dependent). In cinnamon contains a polyphenol that our body recognizes as insulin. In Cassia, the content of polyphenol is significantly higher.

Cinnamon normalizes carbohydrate metabolism in the body and as a result, fat metabolism, which is the key component to successful weight loss. The more active metabolic processes in the body, the faster you go the extra pounds.

Another remarkable property of cinnamon is the ability to suppress appetite. Just half a teaspoon of this spice will help to cope with hunger. You can use daily dose of spices for Breakfast, but better would be to divide it into several equal parts and be consumed between meals or snacking.

It is well known that in violation of lipid metabolism, the body begins to actively accumulate subcutaneous fat, there are problems with the skin, and in the future it can lead to very serious diseases and hormonal disruptions. Cinnamon can help to heal not only metabolism, but also to expel harmful toxins, inhibiting excess fat in the body.

Many people with excess weight suffer from bowel problems. Frequent constipation and bloating makes their life uncomfortable. Cinnamon and in this case will come to the rescue – it neutralizes the pathogenic intestinal flora, normalizes bowel movements and is able to bring the parasites.

But its main advantage – cinnamon is very tasty and flavorful. Applying weight loss recipes with cinnamon, you will make this process enjoyable and rewarding. The aroma of cinnamon will charge you with vivacity and good mood for the whole day, and you will not experience stress regarding restrictions in your diet. You will realize that you can lose weight delicious!

Moreover, for sweet lovers, the use of cinnamon will be a real salvation, the aroma of cinnamon is able to mislead our brains and morning porridge with oatmeal will be perceived as a gourmet dessert. Another little secret, if you add cinnamon in your morning coffee, it can completely replace sugar in it. The recipe is coffee with cinnamon will be given below.

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