Cocoa recipes how to drink

Cocoa is not only aromatic and pleasant taste, it is also very useful. It contained the alkaloid theobromine has a tonic effect, but softer than the other well — known alkaloid, caffeine, and so cocoa can be recommended to those who, for whatever reason, coffee is contraindicated. Theobromine has little effect on the nervous system and on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. So cocoa is very useful in diseases such as asthma. It is also believed

that all cocoa products protect teeth from the harmful effects of sugar.

Modern scientists have discovered that the drink cocoa normalizes the level of cholesterol in the body, supports the normal function of blood, helps to heal wounds. According to the observations of doctors, a Cup of hot cocoa useful in angina and migraines.

American researchers have found an interesting fact: despite the fact that cocoa is more nutritious than tea or coffee, it does not lead to obesity. The fact that even a small portion of cocoa causes a feeling of fullness, therefore, people do not overeat. Experts particularly recommend cocoa children. Not every child is able to have a hearty Breakfast; drinking the morning Cup of cocoa allows you not to feel hunger 2-3 hours — just before lunch at noon.

Cocoa and chocolate are also useful in active mental or physical work, many call them the perfect antidepressant.

How to drink cocoa?

Cocoa is better to drink from a large wide cups with thick walls. It is believed that this way you can highly enjoy the taste and aroma of cocoa. Eat cocoa better biscuits or not very sweet cookies. Drink this aromatic drink in the morning and afternoon — for courage, and the cool of the evening — to set the mood. But if you want to sleep, you should not drink cocoa at night.

Cocoa is not recommended at high acidity of the stomach, disorders of water-salt exchange with a predisposition to kidney stones. When consuming large doses of cocoa can be disrupted digestion: irritated mucous a stomach, you experience the urge to vomit, occasionally with a skin rash. But all these phenomena quickly pass, as only you stop to absorb the cocoa in immoderate quantities. So remember that cocoa do not drink large quantities.

Classic cocoa recipe

2 tsp cocoa powder (or more to taste) mix with 2 teaspoons of sugar and a small amount of hot water to obtain a homogeneous mass. Then pour it in a thin stream into boiling water or milk. After boiling, remove from heat. All the cocoa is ready, Bon appetit.

The recipe for “eggnog”

Cocoa 25 g egg yolks — 6 pieces sugar — 180 g orange zest — 1H. spoon.

Raw egg yolks pound with sugar, finely shredded orange zest and cocoa. Then whisk well. Served with biscuit biscuits.

The Recipe For “Freezer”

Boil cocoa and refrigerate it. Put in each Cup to scoop and pour cold cocoa. Ice cream put into glasses or wine glasses before serving. When serving ice cream cocoa can be prepared without milk. Cocoa with milk — 150 g, ice-cream or milk — 50 g.

Cocoa with sour cream

In the Cup of cold cocoa, add whipped with a little sugar sour cream (50 g for 1 serving).

“Elixir” recipe

Milk — 250 g sugar — 30 g, water — 60 g cream — 40 g, ice.

Milk boiled with sugar. Cocoa is pounded with a little water, then poured a thin stream into the hot milk. Mix all, after 2-3 minutes, filtered and cooled. Add the pieces of ice. Before serving, each glass is decorated with whipped cream on top.

Cocoa tonic recipe

Baked milk — 150 g honey 50 g, 2 egg yolks, butter (or cream — 20 g) — 10 g cocoa 30 g, vanilla.

The break yolks, add honey and baked milk. Constantly whisking, and add the remaining ingredients.

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