Cocoa with breastfeeding

In the first weeks and months postpartum the diet of newly-mom may seem for her this hunger strike! Appetite due to breastfeeding and the recent heavy physical work (in childbirth, lost a lot of energy and resources of the body) erupted just brutal, and the menu consists only of a specific list of acceptable products. Moreover, sweet now you just want unrealistic, but if you’re a coffee-lover, forced to give up their favorite beverage will be an

additional beach.

In this situation, the nursing mother can remember about cocoa: old, forgotten, kind, and banned all sorts of desserts and coffee is apparently the largest of all sorts of Goodies available in the world. But can I drink cocoa when breastfeeding or consume it with food?

Why not cocoa during breastfeeding?

In recommendations to the drafting menu nursing mom always served a list of foods that you should or should be excluded from your diet. This group usually includes alcoholic and carbonated drinks, coffee and strong tea, red fruits and vegetables, citrus, nuts, eggs, fish, pork and chicken, cow’s milk, etc.

However, the list may differ depending on the source: even in different hospitals offer different list of allowed and permitted foods during breastfeeding. But almost always (although not completely a hundred percent of the time) it will contain chocolate or cocoa.

The main reason why cocoa is not recommended during breast feeding, is its high allergenicity. For the same reason, not complaining chocolate containing a high percentage of brown culinary powder. But there are other explanations for “exile” cocoa from the diet of nursing mothers.

Many have also heard and know that cocoa contains caffeine, providing a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system. Indeed such effects on the body of a newborn now is highly undesirable, but in fact the percentage of the caffeine content in cocoa beans is very low.

Much more harmful are the alkaloid theobromine, also found in cocoa, as already know almost none of us. But the danger lies in the fact that it not only excites the nervous and cardiovascular systems, but also are able to remove calcium from the body. However, the negative properties of theobromine can occur only in the use of cocoa in large quantities.

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Meanwhile, in the composition of cocoa and includes a large variety of other substances that can have a beneficial impact on the condition of the organisms of mother and child.

When you can drink cocoa with breastfeeding?

The topic of nutrition and diet nursing mothers very actively discussed in the Internet community. What is interesting is that women often tell how to increase lactation with the help of food and drinks. From personal experience, they recommend a variety of recipes which can be found among the consumption of dairy drink cocoa.

Like any other beverage to increase lactation, cocoa also has its supporters and opponents. But the truth remains the fact that many mothers use cocoa in food without any negative consequences for the health of the child.

So if your child is suffering from frequent allergies, he’s perfectly healthy, quietly sleeps and eats, and overcomes the desire to indulge in a Cup of cocoa do not deny yourself the pleasure. Just for my peace of mind, follow some rules of caution.

Cocoa breastfeeding: tips and tricks

Most pediatricians do not recommend cocoa in the diet of lactating mothers earlier several weeks or months after birth.

If you decide to try the cocoa with breastfeeding, keep in mind that the product is better to choose low fat milk or dilute it with water in a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1. If you can help it, do not add sugar or sweeten it quite a bit.

Be sure to enter the cocoa in your diet for the first time after giving birth in their pre-dinner time, so you can monitor the reactions of the child’s body on innovation. And to try cocoa, like any other new crumbs for a product that can only against absolute health of the baby. To reduce the risk of allergic reactions from the child’s body to eat or to drink with cocoa product immediately after feeding (to increase the time between applying the baby to the breast).

If you have any signs of allergies in children (rash, itching, redness on all skin areas), stop the experiment and try again a few weeks later. If all is well, we can drink a little cocoa with breastfeeding 1-2 times a week.

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