B jesuslove, one of the most famous warming drinks is mulled wine. The basis of it – mulled wine with spices.

Even his name – “gluhende Wein”, which translated from German means “burning wine” breathes warmth and aroma of good quality wines and spices.


Here is the recipe of mulled wine:

0,7 strong sweet red wine

1 tbsp sugar

2 Cup of lemon cut into cubes

All in a saucepan, put on fire, bring to a boil, and heat to approximately had (smell). Mulled wine should be hot, but not overheated. Bon appetit!

– orange brown

– carnation

– cardamom


– dried ginger

– cinnamon

Recipe to pack: Take 1 bottle of red wine, 100 grams of sugar and a package mix for mulled wine. Heat the wine, sugar and seasoning mix to 80C and leave for 1 hour, covered. Strain before serving, heat to desired temperature. I instead sugar just before serving put a little honey, sometimes wine diluted grape juice so wrong taxi


I’m outraged, when in mulled wine add sugar, we’ve GOT HONEY to put, you know honey. In General, we always do so:

take wine red dry, not fortified, add the cinnamon (sticks), cloves, honey, in the end add the brandy.

As a variation, you can add fresh apples, they’re very tasty mulled wine work, and he does not suffer from their presence. In a glass (usually a pint) add a slice of lemon.


How to make mulled wine is fragrant and delicious. Take fruit (slices of Apple, orange, lemon, etc. frozen berries. ), pour a small amount of water (just to cover) and cook after boiling for 10 minutes, you will smell like a compote.

Then add the wine, honey (or sugar), cinnamon, ginger, heat but do not boil. Remove from heat and add cloves. If you add it earlier, it will give a bitter taste. In the end pour a shot of vodka (not more, and there will be alcohol taste). You can add a bit of jam (e.g. plum).


Well, to put honey or sugar, in my opinion, every man for himself decides. For example, I put sugar. First mulled wine I did:

Two bottles of red wine, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon

When everything is heated to the desired condition, add the brandy, about 0.25 L.

But then brandy somehow by itself from the recipe disappeared, now I rarely do with it. But the added spices: cardamom, pimento pepper, black pepper. By the way, make mulled wine with any spice rack. I once did it in field conditions. Of the spices on hand was only cardamom, and pepper (allspice and black). And lemon. And that’s it. It turned out just fine.


I cook mulled wine, red dry wine, once it was white and added black currant syrup. Sometimes diluted with water.


Tell you from a professional point of view, because the husband is the bartender. Sometimes indulges me mulled wine. Actually need for mulled wine specials. dishes that heated wine steam. Although you can and a saucepan. Take dry red wine, add honey! no sugar, honey, cinnamon, cloves and warm. And after that throw small pieces of lemon and orange to taste, and leave for 2-3 minutes, gave fruit aroma, not more, so hot mulled wine. Pleasant pentlandite.


My husband adds to the wine, sugar, cloves, pieces of cinnamon, slices of orange and lemon (sometimes even squeezes out a little bit in the wine juice from the remaining citrus “popok”), the whole thing heats in the pan, remove from the fire, gives a few moments to stand up and pours a ladle mugs, making sure that the spices in a mug not included (but you can throw in a mug slice of orange). The proportions of don’t know, makes eye


In the wine and add sugar, cinnamon (by the way, always ground), cloves, lemon (slices or juice press). The proportions of don’t know, do everything to taste. That is to say, the classic recipe. And I love to experiment. For example, add other spices: peppercorns and allspice and black, ground black pepper and etc. etc. And you can still add to the mulled wine cognac. Then the drink is stronger, and it should be considered. The dose of cognac can roughly say, 0.25 per two bottles of wine 0.75.

Once I even had to make mulled wine without cinnamon. Incidentally turned out delicious. So experiment


I cook often mulled wine and everyone likes:

300 g of dry red wine,

200 g of strong brewed tea (drink)

Fresh juice of 2-3 oranges,

3-4 cloves, cinnamon powder to taste

lemon and Apple. sugar forgot. to taste, always try.

Going to be amazing. And sometimes after cooking, add to each glass a teaspoon of brandy. Too cool.


Mulled wine classic

Products: 1 litre of wine; 1 1/2 cups sugar ; 2 apples; 15 – 20 grains of black pepper; 1 piece of cinnamon; 4 – 5 grains of cloves; lemon.


In the wine, add sugar, sliced apples, black peppercorns, cinnamon and cloves, bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let stand 10 – 15 minutes. Drain and serve hot, putting into each glass a slice of lemon and a few slices of Apple.

To warm up a ready-made mulled wine would not recommend on anything! The flavor and the alcohol with evaporate. It is better to prepare all the ingredients and prepare a new batch as needed.

Most importantly, mulled wine, coffee and in any case should not boil. The temperature should be around 70 degrees. Heat the wine in refractory ware until disappears first formed white foam.

The optimal choice of wine – Khvanchkara, Kindzmarauli, Cahors, Cabernet. Perfect red, dry, and strong wine. Mulled wine is drunk hot and certainly from high (less cooled), preferably transparent (to admire the color of the drink) glasses inhaling hot vapors essential. A wine that is part of the drink should be consumed immediately after heating, until it lost its bouquet and flavor.

If mulled wine is hot water, you need to boil it before using. You can not pour hot water directly to the top of alcoholic beverages, as it spoils their taste. Instead, gently pour water on the edge.


I have my own recipe.

Does the Turk, there poured a coffee Cup of water, then 1 tbsp (without top) – cinnamon, nutmeg, 1 tablespoon of sugar ( well, it’s the taste that much), and stuff 8-10 cloves.

All this is heated to boiling (but not boiling). In this time of heated wine with brandy 0.7 l wine 100 g cognac and pour back the mixture of the Turks. All together now a little more heated ( but do not boil again) and ready!


Mulled wine is such a thing which is not forbidden experiments. Here’s my standard recipe for mulled wine:

2 bottles of wine (0.75), 0.25 brandy, sugar to taste, cinnamon, cloves, a couple of slices of lemon or a little lemon juice.

It turns tighter, but more aromatic. Recently began making mulled wine without the brandy. But began to add different spices: nutmeg, pepper (black and sweet), black pepper, cardamom (Oh, or coriander – I always confuse them). What did the mulled wine without the cinnamon and cloves – well not have them. Very original, drank with pleasure.

Heat the mulled wine is not recommended. You can, of course, but it will be wrong.

Well, of course, in no case do not boil.

Tried to include a mulled wine with Apple and kiwi. Nothing, too, but there is not enough of cinnamon and some other spice. Besides the owners did someone say mulled wine needs to Mature a bit after cooking. As a result, drinking is podostyvshee not at all. Mulled wine should be served hot-hot.


Offer a recipe from Western Ukraine, called a “Hot kiss”.

2/3 of Cahors, 1/3 rum, honey, cinnamon, cloves, zest of citrus fruit (a little, dried and milled in a coffee grinder) and Apple slices (small cubes), without the skin. All this to warm up, but to boil not to bring. Then let stand ( about half an hour) and again to warm up so that would have been very hot, but you can drink it!

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