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NEW Race Day Tea Gift Set (Tea set «race Day») TWG Tea

Celebrate the Singapore Grand Prix with a unique limited edition tea TWG Tea set “race Day”. Perfect souvenir of Singapore — the most exciting night race — contains two exclusive tea: blend of green tea and black tea for cheerfulness and enthusiasm, and a blend of white and green tea intended for exciting holiday parties. Both tea elegantly packaged in jars Haute Couture, elegant gift box and pouch.

Race Day tea (black)

World Voyage Tea Set

(Tea set “Round trip”) TWG Tea

Seth will warm your heart and delight your palate. This tea set in the elegant packaging with six mini jars filled with festive tea collection.

Miraculous Mandarin Tea ” / “Miraculous Mandarin tea”

Black tea, mixed with the slight acidity of garden fruits and a note of delicate sweetness. A wonderful little tea, bringing the rapture.

Pomme Prestige Tea / Tea ‘ Pomme Prestige

Anxious desire, the breath of temptation, forbidden fantasy on the eve of the unknown… The enchanting apples give immortal the aroma of this spicy and delicious black tea.

Singapore Breakfast Tea / Tea Singapore Breakfast”

Noble mixture for Breakfast; a tantalizing elixir to inspire new beginnings. A mixture of green and black teas, the richness of vanilla and rare spices gives a complex bouquet with a long and sweet aftertaste harmony of Singapore.

Alexandria Tea / Tea Alexandria

Dreamy nostalgia for the Arabian nights: a blend of green teas delicately blended with mint and Mediterranean spices.

Okayti Prestige / Tea “Okati Prestige

Every SIP of this tea is reminiscent of a fresh scent of morning dew, descending on the Indian highlands of Darjeeling.

French Earl Grey / Tea French Earl Grey

A fragrant variation of the great classic, this black tea delicately infused shades of citrus and floral notes of French cornflower.

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