Ginger tea

O. I Can tell it is delicious and healthy, but to Ecocity everything themselves all the same pricesse to try.

In winter, this tea is drunk constantly. It has bactericidal properties. Especially important when the weakened organizma

YOU have a cold or are afraid of catching cold? A sore throat or just a General malaise? You just want correcta?

Then this polzitelno tea for you!

Rasskazyvay how to prepare ginger tea, I personally (and advise you).

– 250-300 ml of water

– 2 tbsp sugar (to taste)

– lemon (squeeze the juice into the Cup)

– ginger fresh or frozen 5-7 cm long (a small piece)

Take Turku (I prefer that you do not need. can and a small flat dish, small kastryulka or what have you?). It can accommodate about 300 ml.

Fill completely with clean water (please don’t tap! Fu! we all understand that there water leaves much to be desired! Did you feel sorry for your health to buy a bottle of drinking water?).

So. ? Poured:

put 2 tbsp of sugar (maybe a little less or more), put on the heat I.

meanwhile take a piece of frozen ginger (if fresh it is better, but frozen is also very) spicy nozhechkom (well remember. I mene ZHZHZH Shas Nicki is super PAH-PAH n on them. and 2-3 movements we clean the skin. And then with a sharp knife accurance (what would his fingers remained ) one-two-three. chop into thin plates, you can chop as you wish. and throw in Turku. Watch as starts to boil.

In General, it is better to cook in a small pot, after boiling, to give to potamitissa on fire for 5-6 minutes, but okay. took Turku the Turku

In promising to boil. foam rozza up.

Remove Turku, give a couple seconds to stand up, again put on the fire again..shooting will start as stremacca to escape

And so a few times. Then cover with a lid, a plate. that hand will come and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Pour through a strainer and squeezing a bit of lemon juice.

Mmm. beauty!

The longer you boil the tea, the stronger (read as :yadrenee) stanovytsta.

Here it look taste and your particular situation.

If a sore throat, Clevite tea agree! That used to cough as much as tpole him, and if prevention, it is slightly firm.

The tea itself is light light yellow color, but if you add lemon (with it tastes better. ) then the tea becomes white.

In General drink to your health and not get sick!


“a piece of ginger”, which is about 5-7 cm long. plump like this. Poluchaetza burning. but tasty tea. Very well warms the throat!

But if just. for profilaktiki, it is possible. well then be diluted with boiling water. See for yourself

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