Green tea benefits and bred

Since green tea is not just a drink, as a beverage and eaten in the form of the medicine. Today it is drunk by millions of people worldwide. It is intensively used in cosmetology and medicine. Because it is so important to understand the properties of the drink, carefully examining all its sides. But before to determine the usefulness of tea, you need to understand what trace elements in its composition and for which they are responsible that you are. Green tea benefits and harms of which is studied by many scientists and doctors, and now enjoys great popularity among many people.

What is green tea

In General, the composition of this wonderful drink contains up to 500 different components. Main groups can be considered in detail.


Minerals right person to support the functioning of the body at the proper level. For example, a deficiency can cause a sudden loss of hair, and the nails can become brittle and ugly, but also reduces the protective characteristics of the organism. Regular consumption of tea can help improve the condition.


One of the main elements of the drink is caffeine. It adds a lot of strength and energy, allows good feel in the morning. But, it should be noted that caffeine, which is composed of tea, he is not in a pure form and diluted with other ingredients. It is called theine. Its action is to increase mental activity and improving physical activity. A distinctive feature of theine is gentle on the body. An interesting feature is that it does not accumulate in the human body and is rapidly excreted.


These elements have long interested scientists, which have recently been intensively studied its properties. It turns out that the polyphenols have a positive effect on the heart, and prevent cancer.

Amino acids

Amino acids that contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes in the human body. The most important quality is that they are able to vosstanavlivatj cells of the nervous system. Another good property of lowering blood pressure. Before taking the drink, hypertensive should be cool.


The unique combination of vitamin C and vitamin e allows you to get tea from the maximum benefit. The amount of vitamin C exceeds lemons and oranges. The presence of vitamin e enhances the action of vitamin C. the combination increases the overall resistance of the body and adds strength.

Useful properties of green tea

Promotes weight loss

Among many properties, it is necessary to highlight that he is a great helper in the fight against excess weight. For example, pectin perfectly breaks down fats. It is considered to be a prophylactic against diseases that disturb the metabolism. But, increasing the number of coffee cups per day, you will receive a quick slimming effect. It is advisable to approach this issue comprehensively.

Strengthens digestion

Contained in the leaves elements contribute to the digestion of food, thereby facilitating the work of the stomach and intestines. In order to avoid heaviness in the stomach after eating to drink some of this delicious drink.

Purification of cholesterol

Due to the regular consumption of these teas, natural cleaning the entire body from “bad” cholesterol. And this suggests that it is a great preventative tool against atherosclerosis.

Source of protein

Oddly enough, but that tea leaves are a competitor legumes. Protein, needed for building cells, are present in sufficient quantity. Increased protein content differ Japanese varieties.

Long live the beauty

Thanks to the vitamin b group and PP that are in it, your hair will always look well groomed and shiny. Eating it regularly, the regeneration of all cells faster. The reason for this is the vitamin E which successfully combats signs of aging.

An unusual feature is that when it is brewing the transition extremely useful substances in the leaves.

Green tea benefits and harms for men

Invigorating drink, man drinks after a hard day at the way will help him to restore physical and emotional balance.

It contains elements that positively affect the reproductive system of the male, increases the amount of testosterone in the body.

In the East, green tea clean teeth because it contains fluoride, so necessary for healthy teeth. For cleaning use a meal.

If after a heavy dinner or feast to end the holiday with a small amount of fragrant and delicious drink in the morning a clear head.

Damage green tea

Together with useful properties can be noted that there is, though a small percentage of the negative impact on the human body.

Not recommended its use for those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines. Otherwise, the beverage could cause acute illness.

Also not worth it to take people who have kidney stones.

The presence of rheumatoid arthritis is a contraindication in the use.

pregnant and nursing women should not drink tea in large quantities because it leads to hyperosmolarity baby. Therefore, you should exclude it from the diet, or drastically limit the number to a minimum.

Insidious caffeine

Theine, as it is called, the abuse of green tea can cause life-threatening abnormal heart rhythm. And a Cup of drink, drunk at night, can deprive you of sleep. Unless you are going to a nightclub. That is, the measure should be in everything.

A strong infusion

Scientists have proved that a properly brewed tea is not a source of negative influence. But, if it is stored it will be like poison. The concentration of substances in it increases several times. Especially should not be consumed by people suffering from hypertension and gout. Therefore, it is recommended to take it immediately after cooking, and not wait until it cools down.

There are also a number of rules, observing that the drink will bring only benefits, so it is impossible:

drinking on an empty stomach;

Not be taken before meals, so as not to dull the taste buds;

Not to drink after eating, because it can negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract;

drinking hot tea is strictly prohibited, but it is not advisable to drink cold. It has the ability to quench your thirst, but they are pretty useless.

to use when cooking a lot of welding. Not everyone will fit the concentrated beverage and can cause not only discomfort, but also health problems;

to take medication and drink their tea. The reaction may be unexpected, at least the medicine will not work. As the maximum negative change in health will be felt.

How to brew

To tea brought only benefits your body, it is important to cook it. Following the General rules of brewing, you will receive a refreshing tasty drink that will bring only benefits. You need to strictly comply with the points and conceded none.

Tea choose the best teapot from materials such as clay and porcelain, but if there not in the house, you can take an ordinary glass, which will not be easy.

Fill welding in the amount of one tablespoon per large pot.

You should pay attention to the variety of the drink. Leaf, you need to take a spoon with the top and crushed and can no top.

Boiling water no need to refill to the top in a bowl. The gap between the cover and the surface may be at least a centimeter.

The water temperature should be 100, so you’ll need a little bit cool.

Once the sheets are filled with liquid, dishes, including the nose, a clean towel to essential oils do not evaporate.

Infuse the drink should be from three to eight minutes, and then you can enjoy its aroma and taste.

You should note that to fill the tea should only honey, then it will benefit the health and well digested by the body. Adding milk and sugar not valid. For good health, it helps to drink two or three cups a day.

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