Green tea to benefit the body and do no harm

Do you drink green tea every day? Then look at the kinds of tea. Currently the number of manufactured varieties of tea already exceeded a thousand.

By type of processing, there are three main categories of tea:

The tea is fermented (red).

Tea is half-fermented (black). Black and red teas are most common and we collectively are referred to as black tea.

Tea unfermented (green and white). Green tea is most popular in our country. White tea is tea with added fragrant flowers (only additives!)

If so then you probably know that green tea weight nutrients, beneficial effect on the body. Scientists say that tea, especially green, is a good means to prevent radiation from radiation sickness. Also green tea is useful for those who are prone to atherosclerosis, as it promotes the breakdown of cholesterol in the blood. Green tea is also invisible in the prevention of obesity, as it shortens the process of decomposition of fats in the body. In addition, scientists from the cancer center, came to the conclusion that regular consumption of tea is the prevention of cancer.

In the “magic” of tea are needed by the body metals, such as iodine, copper, potassium, and vitamins B, C, K, have pronounced antibacterial properties and ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Also if you suffer a “hangover” after the holidays – a few cups of green tea will help you to ease your health.

But considering all the beneficial properties of green tea, we sometimes forget that immense its use can lead to detrimental consequences. One of the negative qualities of tea is its effect on urea, salts which form needle-like crystals that can be detected as one of the causes of gout. Also, the caffeine present in abundance in green tea adversely affects the heart. Another negative quality of caffeine is that it is addictive.

Experts advise not to get involved in green tea and to restrict its use to 4-5 cups, and children are advised to drink 2-3 cups of freshly brewed tea rather weak.

The rules of drinking tea quite a lot, but they are all quite simple and straightforward:

It is recommended to drink tea in 20-30 minutes after eating

The approximate temperature of freshly brewed tea 50-60°C.

Strong tea contains caffeine and theine, which may be the main cause of headaches and insomnia.

Steeped tea is impossible – otherwise you will greatly reduce the nutritional value.

Brewing tea is better one or two times, because after the third infusion in the tea will begin emit harmful components.

Please do Not drink tea yesterday – it is an ideal environment for bacteria.

Thus, summarizing the foregoing, it is safe to say that the passion green tea should be individually chosen in connection with the peculiarities of Your body. No wonder that in the East pay so much attention to the tea ceremony.

Enjoy your tea!

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