Growing rosemary in the apartment on the windowsill

Traditionally in our kitchen is always present is not so much spice. It is, as a rule, parsley, dill, coriander and pepper. Occasionally meets Basil. But rosemary unfairly considered exotic. Meanwhile, it is not only exquisite spice, but also a great decorative fragrant plant which is an original way to decorate your apartment.

Rosemary in Latin language means sea dew, or the freshness of the sea . For the ancient Greeks it was a talisman, bringing luck, preserving youth, fend off evil spirits. In the 19th century in Europe, this plant used as a snuff with a cold.

The use of rosemary

In cooking. The rosemary pine-sweet camphor smell, it tastes spicy and zesty, slightly bitter. Therefore, this spice adds to dishes of vegetables such as eggplant, mushrooms, beans, cabbage.

Also the rosemary will add an exquisite flavor meat dishes, soups, sauces, fruit salads. But if you add a bit of rosemary in tea, the drink will get a unique flavor. Rosemary oil is often used for making cakes and liquors.

In medicine. Rosemary is not only a great spice, it is also a drug. Its leaves contain the extremely valuable oil, which contains resin, volatile oils and, most important, camphor. Thanks rosemary is used for removing various kinds of spasms and inflammatory reactions.

This is a wonderful diuretic and expectorant. Use rosemary in cardiovascular disease, liver disease, gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder diabetes, vegetative dystonia, neurasthenia, insomnia and many others.

Growing rosemary in the apartment and care

Rosemary is difficult to grow on a windowsill, but you already know that this wonderful spice is worth it. Besides, our modern housewife can do anything, and grow this aromatic perennial evergreen shrub, armed with our knowledge, special work will not make.

In nature, there are quite a large number of varieties of rosemary, but the cultivation at home is only one of them is the rosemary scented.

The easiest way to grow rosemary from cuttings . They can be purchased at any garden center, or you can find a familiar pot with rosemary, ready to share with you the process.

Requirements to the pot and soil

For this plant you need to purchase a spacious terracotta or clay pot. The rosemary branched root system that requires a lot of space for growth. Be sure to provide good drainage by using small pebbles or expanded clay.

As the earthen mixture suitable neutral or slightly alkaline substrates, which you can buy in the supermarket or at a specialty store. You also need to regularly fertilize the soil every two weeks, in the winter – once a month. But not more often.

Lighting requirements

The pot of this spicy Bush is best to place on a well-lit South or East windowsill. In order for the plant was given strong and succulent leaves, you need to provide it with a great amount of light and air. Therefore it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room in winter and in summer you can keep a pot on the balcony or dripped on perennial summer cottage. Just keep in mind: rosemary does not like extremes.

Growing rosemary from seed

As mentioned earlier, from the seeds to grow this plant is quite difficult — its seeds have good germination. But it’s still possible.

So seeds should be planted either in early spring or in autumn . Seeds of rosemary to soak in a moist gauze for a few days. After you sprinkle the seeds on moist soil, not prokopeva, cover with plastic wrap, which is necessary in several places to pierce. This will ensure the flow of fresh air your seeds. Shoots you can expect in a couple of weeks – a month. All the time you need every day to moisten the soil with the seedlings with a water spray. If the shoots will not appear, you have to sow the seeds again.

When the seeds sprout and reach 7-9 cm in length, and the sprouts will be at least 3 leaves, if necessary, thin out the plants, or transplant the excess into other containers for permanent keeping. When you dive, try not to damage the young rosmarinic.

As you grow, and the rosemary is growing quickly, replant in larger pots for the roots of the plants had room to grow and Bush has not lost its decorative properties.

Growing rosemary from cuttings

The shaft can be obtained, cut off the escape of the adult rosemary. Escape should be stiff and upper parts of the plant. Remove the stalks of the lower leaves and place in a mixture of moist sand and peat. If you don’t have such a mixture, suitable for a glass of water. When the shoots appear from the roots, it can be transplanted into a permanent pot.

Requirements to irrigation

Rosemary would prefer drought than waterlogged soil. Therefore, watering it regularly though, but without diligence. If rosemary will not receive enough moisture, it will turn yellow, but if the moisture is too large, the root system of the plants will rot and it will die.

How to get rosemary flowers

For this it is necessary to ensure that the plant cold period. If on your balcony the temperature does not drop below+10-+15 degrees, you may have to rearrange thither pot with rosemary. In this case it is not abundantly watered and intercepted him with leaves.

It is important to know

Rosemary Bush responds well to shaping. To do this from time to time to cut stiff shoots.

In food using fresh tops annual shoots and flowers of rosemary.

If your room is growing rosemary, then he will thank you for caring that will regularly clean the air, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

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