Homemade ice cream

Butter was lowered into the warmed milk and bring it to boil. In another container, combine sugar, cornstarch and yolks, stir and RUB all until smooth. Then add a little milk, as a result, you should get a lot of consistency as liquid sour cream.

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Ice cream is the best dessert in the hot season. Especially if it’s homemade lemon ice cream recipe which does not

cause panic among Housewives.

Ice cream – this is the best choice of dessert in the hot season. Especially if it’s homemade lemon ice cream recipe which does not cause panic among Housewives. For cooking you will need products that can be bought in a simple supermarket or store.

So, this we have:

• milk;

• eggs;

• sugar;

• cream;

• lemon.

For starters, 250 grams of milk will fill the pot and bring to a boil. Then the milk is cooled. While our your milk cools, take 1 lemon and remove the zest. The miss lemon through the juicer, or squeeze the juice manually. Separate 4 egg yolks, while in the next pot you already stirred the zest, sugar and lemon juice. Yolks with cold milk, add to a saucepan with the zest, juice and sugar, mix thoroughly and set on fire. Within 5 minutes of the boil and stir your mixture to not scorch, until then, until it thickens. Homemade ice cream, the recipe of which is not complete without cream, you can cook with berries, chocolate, mint and other fillers. You should turn on your imagination, and your ideas become a reality.

250 grams of cream, beat with a whisk or a mixer, leading to a lush consistency as aerosol cream, gradually pouring in the milk-lemon mixture. Mix thoroughly and send ice cream in the container then into the freezer.

You should remember that every 30-40 minutes need to get lemon ice and blend it to tiny pieces of ice raspalilis, and your ice cream was amazing.

You can also do this with strawberries, apricots and any other filler, just lemon can be replaced with another ingredient. Children love these desserts and make homemade ice cream recipe which does not take a lot of effort, gives only pleasure.

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