Homemade ice cream from cottage cheese and milk

Dairy products are always available in our refrigerators. We almost always buy them when we go to the store. Cottage cheese cooking cheesecakes, a variety of quiches, tarts or wonderful dumplings. Continue for very long. Recipes great variety. And dairy soups and milk porridge — who ate in their childhood, many even made. This is generally one of the first tastes in life. But, as before, not all kids love a similar dish. Today, we are not quite the usual option of

using these products. Even unusual. Try to prepare homemade ice cream, cottage cheese and milk, and you won’t need to persuade kids to eat anything dairy. Perhaps, you will like this dessert.

We will need:

200 grams of cottage cheese, as much as possible of fat;

50 ml milk;

1/5 can of condensed milk, boiled;

Cottage cheese, high fat, ideal home, mix with the specified amount of condensed milk. No home, no problem. Buy it in a store favourite. Whisk to obtain a homogeneous mass. Blender or suitable cooking device.

Condensed milk ice cream buy, but can be made with canned good. But it will take some time, but be sure in the quality and result. Once was home made delicious homemade denim jacket.

In the resulting mass make the already fresh cow milk, whisk thoroughly.

Put the resulting mixture of cottage cheese and condensed milk into the prepared molds for ice cream. Preferably silicone or what you have. It does not matter. You can even use ordinary plastic cups.

All you need to put in the freezer of the refrigerator for a few hours. It will be enough for 4-5 hours. Decide for yourself.

Once properly cured, can get, enjoy a delicious ice cream. If bad goes from the molds, dip for a few seconds in hot water. The problem will disappear.

Put in small plates, drizzle with your favorite syrup, jam, grated chocolate. Garnish with berries in season or purchased, cut the strawberry into several parts.

You see, nothing complicated in the preparation of homemade ice cream from cottage cheese and milk.

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