Hot chocolate, home-made with your own hands doubly delicious!

Anyway, and the chocolate tasted each of us. There he is what is on the shelves! In large and small tiles, bitter, milky, white, porous and solid. In short, if the usual chocolate – this is normal, sorry for the tautology, the phenomenon, here’s some hot chocolate for us almost exotic. Kind of saw this in the menu of the urban coffee shop, so

what? And the only salt that this wonderful drink (he really is such a warming, soft taste, creates a cozy atmosphere in any location) can be cooked at home. In short, up and at ‘ em!

Memory improves, banishes depression

From time to time hot chocolate was considered a beverage “healing” — will help against colds, distemper, he was even viewed as an aphrodisiac.

I don’t know about the latter, but the fact that this drink is not just uplifting, but also improves skin tone – not discussed. Generally, it is not the words, blurted out the light. Scientists have proven that cocoa beans improve memory, increase efficiency, better brain starts to think (as needed Cup of hot chocolate to everyone in the morning!). A particularly bold claim that chocolate is going to run even depression, because it produces endorphins – the hormone of happiness. Happiness will be even more when the ones who care about their own figure and learn that cocoa will become a cause of extra pounds.

The composition of hot chocolate includes three ingredients. First, the cocoa beans is the cornerstone. Secondly, milk (to someone like normal boiled water). It will add a touch of creaminess, softness, sweetness. If you need a taste of “surly” — should take milk with high fat content, not – then Vice versa. And thirdly, sugar. Of course, there are tons of options hot chocolate, and some even involve alcohol, but this is how people like.

The most astute, of course, will ask: and where can we get these cacao beans? Indeed, in warm countries for them to go. The fact is that little “twinkle” here does not hurt – it is possible to replace the usual chocolate bar. Of course, not all. It should be black, dark chocolate, good quality. Definitely without any additives – nuts, raisins and other things. In short, it’s time to get down to business!

Heard about the incredible taste and benefits of sea buckthorn, but don’t know how to cook a compote out of it? There is nothing easier!

Warm classic hot chocolate

You should start small, I mean with a basic hot chocolate recipe cocoa, it is also called a classic. You need to buy nothing at all – two tiles of good dark chocolate (about 150 g) and a pint of milk (about fat you remember – everyone chooses according to their own tastes).

Chocolate is better at once to smash to pieces (easier to do when the chocolate in a piece of paper) – the smaller they are, the faster melts . Milk to boil in a saucepan over low heat and lower there the chocolate. Cook it all, stirring constantly (very important). The chocolate will melt and delicious dessert will be ready to eat, or rather to enjoy it. One lacking sweets – pre-add sugar to melted.

Chocolate it is better to pour into a ceramic Cup with a fairly thick walls. This is to ensure that it retained its heat and flavor. Someone loves the rich taste, and someone this saturation may seem unnecessary – so it may be advisable to wash down a treat with cold water.

By the way, the Council note: chocolate stimulates the nervous system, so drink it at night Oh how not advised – the half of the night will be spent on turning from side to side.

Enjoy it better in the morning, at least – before lunch.

For those who like thicker…

At the beginning we mentioned that to make hot chocolate in different ways: it can be with a taste of almond, vanilla, spices and even alcohol. And he can be very dense. For this the standard set – chocolate (2 tiles), sugar (per serving – about 4 tsp), milk (liter) – added the cornstarch (3 tablespoons) .

First of all pour a glass of milk, into which stir the starch. The remaining milk along with the chocolate and sugar pour into a saucepan and heat until then, until the chocolate melts. Then add the mixture of milk with the cornstarch and stir continuously until, until everything is fragrant stew begins to thicken. Immediately remove from heat and cups. Yummy one, and goes for everything some 15 minutes.

As you have noticed, the recipe of thick hot chocolate is incredibly easy!

There are many varieties and types of tea, we want to tell you about the white tea, the properties of which, not without reason, considered to be extremely useful!

The English drink tea with milk already a pretty long time, but is it useful? The answer is here.

The taste and color…

With almonds

Chocolate with almonds – a combination of sort of familiar. And hot chocolate with almonds? For its preparation you will need a bit more ingredients than usual: chocolate (60 gr.) – by the way, it can grate is for those who are in a hurry . — sugar – 6 tablespoons, half a Cup of boiling water, two and a half glass of boiled milk, a spoon of instant coffee (this is to taste), 80 ml. of brandy, Amaretto, half a Cup of cream, and finally the almonds (no, we haven’t forgotten, don’t worry!) – roasted and finely chopped – about a quarter Cup.

In a saucepan, throw in the sugar, chocolate, pour water, boil. Then on reduced heat cook for about 2-3 minutes, whisk all (whisk, a mixer, a spoon – who that is). Pour all other components and guarding on a burning stove for another two minutes. Pour into cups. Whipped cream gently spread on top of a fragrant dessert, sprinkle with almonds. You can enjoy!


Love the fruit so much that living without them can’t you? Well, there is and option for you! Hot chocolate with orange syrup this surely will attract gourmets. In addition to chocolate (100 gr.), milk (pint), sugar (two tablespoons) and cream (to taste), will need another teaspoon of orange syrup and orange zest (at your discretion).

Chocolate crumble into small pieces and together with two tablespoons of water is heated on a water bath (this is when the saucepan in a saucepan with water). When everything will turn into a homogeneous mass, pour pre-boiled milk. Pour the syrup and beat until the contents of the pan. The drink spread through the cups, add the cream, lemon zest serves as a decoration.

There are many rumors and legends about tea Puer, the effect of which was known in ancient China. But only we have the truth about this wonderful drink.

It’s not too late to prepare vitamins for the winter, for example Apple juice!

Recipe of hot chocolate for the lazy

For the lazy joy will be the recipe of the chocolate in the microwave – Yes, it is possible! Three glasses of milk poured into a Cup that can be put in the microwave and warmed in the microwave for two minutes on high. After casting the chocolate (grated tile), sugar (teaspoon), cinnamon (half teaspoon). Stir. Separately, beat the egg and add to the main mixture. Send future sweets in the microwave for ten minutes . Voila! Bright aroma and taste – all in one… I mean the Cup! And without much effort.

Tricks of the trade

First, before cooking chocolate is best chilled in the freezer – it should be firm, when you begin to melt in the milk.

Secondly, even a pinch of vanilla will add so much wonderful flavor, this dessert will become your signature culinary art.

Thirdly, if prepared to give the chocolate a bit to steep, and then again to reheat, taste will affect its saturation like in it, collected the best chocolate from around the world. Reason to believe that’s the way it is.

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