Massage room and facial aesthetics

“the Age for women — not the most important thing: you can be ravishing at 20, charming at 40 and remain irresistible to the end of their days– — Coco Chanel.

Cosmetic massage

Beauty massage — a necessary component of a General

cosmetic skin care face and neck. Without combining it with this kind of massage, many cosmetic procedures will not achieve the desired result. Cosmetic massage is conducted properly and systematically, to slow the aging process of the skin of the face and neck.

Systematic facial massage helps to achieve the following results:

— significantly slows down the fading and aging of the skin;

— is saved and restored good face shape;

— slows the appearance of wrinkles, in addition, cosmetic massage is able to reduce and even eliminate wrinkles have appeared;

— strengthens the muscles of the face and neck;

— improves skin, it becomes smooth and elastic, recovering healthy color of skin of face and neck;

— the process of sebum of the skin is normalized, there is a cleansing of the skin from sebum and dead skin cells;

— resorption occurs on the skin scarring and seals resulting from acne vulgaris;

— eliminated the swelling and puffiness of the face;

— decrease body fat, folds disappear and the “double chin”.

Cosmetic massage of the scalp is usually to strengthen hair and improve its condition.

Methods and technique of facial massage are similar to the techniques and technology of bringing classical massage. Begins and ends with a facial massage with light massage movements. To perform a facial massage should be gradual and in stages. It should also be noted that all stages of the massage must have the same temporal duration.

Best result is achieved by a cosmetic massage combined with cosmetic masks, compresses and steam baths.

To hold a session of facial massage, preferably at least 2 times a week.

Complex for face “Silk Touch”

In the facial-most importantly consistency. It is this condition performs complex care face “Silk Touch”, aimed at improving the General condition of the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles, enriching the skin with beneficial trace elements, as well as on hydration and nutrition. The complex consists of several stages:


– massage of face and décolleté;

– nutrition;

Plasticizing the bandage for the face “Alpika” used in lifting-techniques rapid effect, correction of facial contours and reducing the depth of wrinkles, improve the complexion. The complex consists of several stages:

– meso-cocktail with AHA-acids Anti Age;

Home treatment for face “Deep cleansing with bioenzymes peeling”

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