Hot Shokolad

Don’t understand me. Why do you need “Golden chalk” if “chocolate + milk in the microwave for 30 seconds stunning result? I’m willing to bet, and what else will come out cheaper.

Len, we have a network of stores – boutiques chocolate.

When we oborudovanie, bought these chocolate girl, torment and put them away in the warehouse. For “Burda” they’re coming, but for garaage chocolate, just as I know Belgium and France, no. So now the chocolate we always cook for 2 minutes, immediately after the order by the following technology:

1. In a heated coffee mug pour Calley Callebaut 54%, about 6-8 mm below the top

2. Poured cold (from the fridge) milk 6% to a level where Calley chocolate covered

3. The mug is placed in the microwave for 30 seconds (800W)

4. Then straight into the mug goes here such a device and is switched on for 10 seconds. During these seconds the milk and chocolate turn into a perfect emulsion.

5. Decoration, additives (cream, powder, cocoa, cinnamon, brandy), put on the hot plate, served with a Cup of warm unsweetened drink (mint, herbs, herbal tea etc)

They are: a) quickly b) pure C) is delicious and is invariant in the sense of recipes

We are so fed up to 50-80 servings per day.

Dimkin Sommet about sealing chocolate girl may not prokanaet. Over time, the ganache sour, clipped, in General troublemaker. Chocolate is relevant only where the whole pan is guaranteed sold per day.

Here, I’ll do a “study” in the form of a staged photo-session 2-minute cooking process, and you repeat yourself. Believe me, the result will be great.

PS we have a “budget” product “pasta for hot chocolate” – she’s in the chocolate can be a week to spin without problems. The secret is in the absence of water, adding a low-melting oil (palm), glucose and preservative (potassium sorbate). So – hot to taste this natural chocolate. It’s better then to load it in chocolate than Italian powder surogacy and chocolate girl could be turned into something less whimsical, trebuie heating and stirring. Under the broth for example

in a remote province, near the sea.

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