How to drink liquor

All liqueurs are similar to each other, so when their diversity is difficult to establish a classification of the drink.

If we talk about the combination of liquor with alcohol, it can be diluted with vodka . gin, brandy, rum, whiskey and brandy .

To prepare this drink requires more than four million litres of cream per year, the best quality cream specially delivered from farms located not far from Dublin, and used immediately. Most often he acts as a syrup or flavoring.

If you are facing a Chinese fake, fur may even have a little Shine in the light so much it stretched in length and width. Remember that down long coats decided not to stitch the lining, the fur business is considered a sign of good taste.

All liquors are divided into three main types: strong, sweet and creams. Liqueurs, with rare exception, served at room temperature, because cold most of the liquor becomes turbid.

Drinking liquor in large quantities is not recommended.

Interesting fact, in the last century many have used this drink for lunch, but until now, this tradition did not survive.

Actually, ideally you need to look under the lining of the mink coat (often it is not sewn), and to evaluate the quality of skins. Mink coat for many years remained subject to the desires of the majority of the fair sex.

As for any restrictions on how you can’t drink Baileys, that is absolutely not correct, then they also exist. If liquor is served in its purest form . however, with ice (on the rocks), it is usually poured into a glass of old fash ( a glass of whiskey). The shape of the glasses varied, but their capacity does not exceed 25 – 30 g Liquors used in mixed drinks served with ice. Just to say that approximately forty-five percent of the cocktails contain liquor. In order to prepare this drink, and to drink it was extremely nice, you should keep all the proportions of its ingredients . If you are treated with this cocktail, settle without delay – it will be your right decision. If this happens, stir the layers are already forced (with ice cube) and drink small SIPS. True connoisseurs of alcoholic Goodies know what flavors of liqueur – big set: mint, cherry, citrus and the like. Moreover, you should not hesitate to stock up on Bailey’s liquor . if you expect.

Move on to another significant question: what to drink liquor. Quite often drink it with water or with ice. As noted above, liqueurs most often used for cocktails.

Widely known coffee liqueur Kaula used for preparation of various cocktails. Serve them made ice-cream with fruit, lemons, oranges, apples and grapes.

If dyeing of fur was conducted in accordance with all the rules of the technological process, then this does not affect the quality. I want to draw your attention to some common defects, which are quite common in finished fur products.

Cream liqueur suited to different drinks.

Based cocktails Baileys differ a sweet delicate creamy shade of taste. This is the famous Sheridan’s liqueur . The resulting mixture pour into glasses, then top with petrusite coffee (cocoa), then up to the top to pour the liquor.

In principle, this drink is quite self-sufficient drink, so it can not eat.

How to drink liquors

Liquors — very fragrant, usually very sweet alcoholic beverages 15-50%, they are made of berry and fruit juices or infusions of herbs with vegetables, spices.

What is the best drink liquor Belize

I.e. if you have opened the bottle, drank a little, it will be stored for a long time, but as soon as you finish your half, all… Either finish or get ready that your liquor hawknest in a few months… If it remains on the bottom, then even faster. Liquor stupidly go sour or, more precisely, pregancny. Apparently this is due to the interaction of the components of liqueur (cream or what?

How and what to drink Baileys?

All women love the taste and aroma of coffee, chocolate, caramel, cream and vanilla. Often a man caring for a woman, treats her fragrant cappuccino, ice cream and the most delicious cake. Women ideal Irish Baileys.

This liqueur combines the scent of vanilla and caramel taste. But from the usual sweets it features the ability burning taste.

How to drink and what to eat Baileys

By adding Baileys various aromatic ingredients is customary to distinguish four main types:

classic without aromatic additives – Baileys the Original,

with the addition of caramel — Baileys Crème Caramel,

with the addition of coffee Baileys Coffee,

with the addition of mint and chocolate — Baileys Mint Chocolate.

How to make homemade chocolate liqueur?

Two tiles of dark chocolate, a half liter of vodka (or you can take the alcohol, but then have to adjust the strength of the drink by adding more water, a small pinch of vanilla, two cups milk, one kilogram of sugar and about 300 milliliters of water.

What to drink liquor?

In addition to dessert liqueurs can be and flavoring additives, to replace syrups or be an integral component of soft and alcoholic drinks and cocktails. In this case, the liqueur can be added to water, ice, vodka, gin, whisky, brandy, cognac, wine, fruit juices and even milk.

Liqueur Baileys at home

Creamy coffee liqueur “Baileys” You can prepare at home.

The liqueur Baileys


Vodka – bottle capacity 0,5 l;

Condensed milk – one standard Bank.

Four egg yolks;

Instant coffee – 1 tablespoon (optional);

Vanilla sugar – 1 teaspoon;

Liqueur Sheridan how to drink

The popular liqueur Sheridan was first brought to Russia in 1994 from Ireland. Drink, the fortress of 15.5% is produced in Dublin. Its basis is whiskey, coffee, chocolate, cream and vanilla. He is also known for his original and unusual bottle shape.

Due to the high fortress whiskey drink, you can store a year and a half, but if the bottle is opened, it should be stored no longer than six months.

How to drink Baileys

Bailey is a type of liquor, which is distinguished by its unusual creamy taste. The basis of baliza includes Irish whiskey, which I love to drink because of its excellent palatability, and cream, which give the liqueur a specific taste.

In many countries like to drink Baileys in most cases, because of its soft and delicate taste. Not less popular it has become in our country.

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