How to make Baileys

I want to share how to make Baileys with their hands. On the Internet a lot of recipes, but I opened it and did not long ago. Bayles (eng. Baileys ) Irish liqueur , fortress 17% which can be drunk as a drink or in cocktails. I liked to add it to the chicory and coffee. Great warms and invigorates, pleasant to drink, gives flavor and new taste sensations. And it all started with the fact that I wanted to buy a friend something new and not usual, surprise. in short. Something in the shops you can buy with our money, is not new, and more expensive drinks not afford. Here then was an interesting option.

This Baileys is very expensive. So, as they say “necessity is the mother of

invention”, people came up with the recipe. how to make Baileys at home with your own hands. There are opinions that the taste is exactly the same as the real one.

How to make Baileys

Tell two options how to make Baileys with their hands.

They are prepared the same way, but there are small differences in the applied products.

The cooking liquor for 10 minutes plus 2 hours for aging.

A recipe to make Baileys chocolate

Whiskey, brandy or vodka – 200 – 250 gr

Condensed milk – standard Bank 380 gr.

Chocolate milk is a Miracle or the other of 0.4-0.5 liters.

Instant coffee, any – 1 tablespoon

Vanilla, in the package – 1/3 teaspoon

In a blender pour chocolate milk added in order, stirring

instant coffee,


condensed milk

and in the end one of the existing spirits.

In this liqueur Baileys used whiskey, but at home we could add the vodka, brandy or vodka.

Pour into prepared dishes and allowed to infuse. Way more liters.

As noted, the recipe is high in calories, sweet, chocolate-flavored, alcoholic beverage castle about 10% .

A recipe to make Baileys cream

Whiskey, brandy, moonshine or vodka – 1 bottle.

The chicken or quail eggs (yolk) – 4 or 8 PCs

Instant coffee – 1 tablespoon

Condensed milk – 1 standard Bank.

Vanilla – 1/3 tsp

Cream 0.3 liters

In the same way in blender to the cream, stirring add

Instant coffee


The yolk of eggs 4 chicken or 8 quail

Condensed milk

Whiskey, brandy, moonshine or vodka

More liters, fortress 17 %.

This Baileys with their hands on the fortress.

I relished both the recipe to make Baileys, so I recommend, do and try.

Remember the measure used. To drink, Baileys separately, with ice or in cocktails, as well as use as an additive instead of milk and cream, coffee, chicory, tea. It is well invigorates and warms. Not much to add, 1 tablespoon or a teaspoon, that’s enough!

How to make Baileys
I want to share how to make Baileys with their hands. On the Internet a lot of recipes, but I opened it and did not long ago. Bayles (eng. Baileys…

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