How to make modern “drink of the gods”

In tropical forests on both sides of the equator grow chocolate trees with glossy leaves, yellow flowers and reddish-orange fruit. From the seeds of these fruits, mistakenly referred to as beans, three thousand years ago the ancient civilization Melikov cooked “food of the gods” – flavored drink cocoa. Him this drink owes its name.

Ah, this wonderful chocolate! At the mention of one word POPs up before my eyes the image of chocolates or dark chocolate bars, divided into square slices. The word “chocolate” was born in the times of the Aztecs in Mexico

and together with the brave explorers and pioneers came into the everyday life of Europeans, together with cocoa beans.

Time passed, recipe flavored drink of the Aztecs improved, and in 1657 in London opened the first Chocolate House. With the beginning of the industrial revolution and opening factories in the commodities market new products – chocolates, sticks and chocolate bar invented by a Swiss, Francois-Louis Cailler.

In our time the history of chocolate can be clearly read and enjoy this delicious sweet treat in one of the chocolate museums around the world.

If you want to treat yourself to a pleasant chocolate drink right now, I suggest you a great recipe. This delicious chocolate milk you will be able to please not only themselves, but also to show off their culinary skills in front of family and friends!

To make the drink you will need :

– 3 cups of milk;

– 4 tablespoons cocoa;


– 4 tablespoons of sugar;

– grated chocolate.

Cooking . Whisk in 4 tablespoons of cocoa 1 Cup of milk. Received pour the chocolate mixture into the container with hot milk. Mix thoroughly all. Add the sugar and cream. To the table to be served chilled, topped with grated chocolate.

Studies have shown that chocolate is a very useful product for human health.

Flavonoids mainly in dark chocolates help in the fight against aging, because are excellent natural antioxidants.

Chocolate is good for the skin, refresh it, making it more smooth and toned. That is why cosmetics and masks made of chocolate is very popular with many women.

Researchers in the UK conducted a number of studies and found that dark chocolate prevents blood clots on the walls of blood vessels due to the presence of magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamins of group B. All these micronutrients reduce stress on the heart and strengthen the nervous system.

Chocolate is a good remedy for colds! As mentioned above, its composition is magnesium, not only have a great impact on the nervous system and blood vessels, but also improves the memory and performance of the immune system. Cough and sore throat subsides, if slowly dissolve half tiles of dark chocolate.

If you dropped the mood, the aroma of chocolate will quickly raise, according to the experts in aromatherapy. Cocoa butter combined with sugar raises vitality by developing the body of serotonin and endorphins. Phenylethylamine stimulates the activity of nerve cells, thereby making the chocolate a fine antidepressant!

Chocolate contains calcium and phosphorus strengthen the teeth. Despite this, do not forget to be cleaned regularly, as advised by dentists.

Varieties of chocolate very much, only bitter possesses the greater part of these properties, relieves fatigue, increases efficiency, gives joy and pleasant taste of pleasure.

This is just a small part of the research and the benefit that brings to the health of this amazing man, loved by so many sweet product. Eat chocolate more often and be in great shape!

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