How to make sorbet

In winter, we dream of warm. and in the summer — about the snow. Fruit. chocolate. Can with nuts. If these ” precipitation” still not settled on the waist and hips… In General. it’s time to talk about ice cream and sorbet.

Sorbet ( sherbet) appeared much earlier ice-cream. And it is Chinese. Then it learned of the Persians and Arabs. and there to Europe hand — say. it could not do without Marco Polo. who brought the recipe to Italy. and Catherine de ‘ Medici. in his turn seized with France Italian cook. which by that time had already learned to make fruit ice cream. In Ancient China, just mixing snow with fruit pieces. and advanced citizens of the Ancient

Rome and even poured this mix wine. Historians have found. what famous Roman Emperor Nero preferred to eat lunch with this type of ice cream. In the East the sorbet was thick with ice and drink prepared on the basis of infusion of rose hips and rose petals with spices and fruits. Later. in nineteenth century Europe. learned to not cool the fruit mixture. and the milk. sugar. cream and eggs and thus created a more normal ice cream — sundae. It happened in the French town of plombières-Les-Bains. hence the name. Here. perhaps. lies the fundamental difference — in the sorbet no animal fats. So. it is less caloric. This information is very useful to those. who already packs a swimsuit. If traditional ice cream — a distinct and very rich dish. the fruit sorbet — a nice addition to lunch or dinner. Will cool and refreshing in the heat. helps digestion. but at the same time will please the eye color variation. But ice cream has another magic property — it’s a great antidepressant. Found this ubiquitous British scientists. Even if you’re not very inclined to believe them. application: a small portion ( scoop of ice cream. One!) can instantly improve your mood.

Dessert with sorbet and slices of kiwi

The whisk banana with honey in a blender. Pour into molds and put in freezer for 2 hours. Spread on dessert plates cut from kiwi hearts. mint leaves and berries of physalis. Take out of the molds frozen banana pieces and add a few balls of sorbet and kiwi. As soon as I do a beautiful composition. sprinkle with powdered sugar and cocoa and serve.

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