How to store, handle and cook

Usually few people engaged in roasting coffee yourself, usually people buy ready-made grains, or ask to grind them in the store. Nevertheless, you need to know that raw unroasted coffee beans you need to fry in a small heating plate, stirring constantly, until they turn dark brown. You can add a bit of butter. Do not store wet grain in the coffee, in a closed box, because they will lose their flavor. But if this happens, we need to put the beans for 10 minutes in cold water, then dried in a heated oven.

To grind coffee immediately before the concoction of a drink, then you will feel the real flavor of coffee. To grind the beans should not too small and

not too big, because the finely ground coffee will be muddy, and krupnomolotoy loses flavor.

To store ground coffee or roasted beans need a glass or tin so that it was firmly closed.

Coffee preparation . Always use fresh water, the coffee pot before use rinse with hot water. Do not bring in any case coffee to boil, he would lose all their flavor. To ready coffee, add half tea spoon of cold water, this will lower the sediment at the bottom. Flavor can be enhanced with a few grains of salt.

If you have noticed that your coffee is slightly bitter, it means that you start to drink a lot later than five minutes after cooking. So don’t leave it to stand for long, drink immediately, it will be tastier and more aromatic. Never heat cold coffee, because you’ll be drinking coffee and pathetic his likeness.

About proportions . black coffee prepared at the rate of 1 teaspoon per Cup of water, if you want stronger, then 2-3 tablespoons per Cup, and the last coffee is brewed twice: first as the first option, then add more coffee.

Varieties basically two coffee – Arabica and Robusta . In Robusta contains more caffeine, it has a less strong infusion, a weaker aroma than Arabica. Arabica is more valuable because it contains less caffeine and a milder taste.

Cocoa business is much easier. So when cooking you from forming clumps, cocoa have to pre-grind with sugar and add a little cold milk, then the mixture is diluted with milk, water and boil. But before use if you add in the cocoa a little bit of lemon juice, the taste is much improved.

Tea is very absorbs moisture and odors from the air, so it should be stored in sealed packaging in a dry place. Very bad if your tea is close with onion, garlic, fish. You can’t leave the tea is open, its aroma will be lost. If the tea you will be storing tea correctly, it can persist for several years.

To cannot brew tea in a metal pot, it is better to use porcelain or porcelain. Water, like coffee, use fresh, double-boiled water is not suitable for brewing tea. If you drink tea with sugar, then add the sugar before you pour the tea with boiling water, it will improve its taste and aroma.

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