Ice cream at home.

The harvest of summer fruits and berries so you want to save without losing vitamins, taste and aroma. Try to make homemade ice cream. To prepare ice cream at home is not difficult, if you have an ice cream maker. Especially

delicious light ice cream – sorbet that contains neither cream nor eggs. Below are our tested recipes homemade ice cream, sorbet and fruit ice

Ice cream is a favorite treat for children and adults, and homemade ice cream – a special treat. The fascinating process of making ice cream at home . and the result is so good that ice cream and ready to buy will want. There are several types of frozen desserts, which are United under the name ice cream . This is actually ice cream . sorbet ( Sorbet ), parfait ( Parfait ), fruit ice, frogurt (frozen yogurt), and soft ice cream . Different kinds of ice cream from each other by the content of milk fat and protein (milk, cream), sugar, eggs, and other components. Read below the history of ice cream .

Homemade ice cream

Homemade fruit and berry ice cream is a great all-natural and easy to manufacture product. Homemade ice cream made from chopped fruits and berries, juices, fresh juices or smoothies with added sugar, water, milk, or cream. Homemade ice cream is for short-term storage in the freezer home refrigerator, it contains no strong preservatives, and the amount of fat and sugar in homemade ice cream you regulate yourself.

I experimented with different berries, and here I will talk about how to make homemade ice cream . for example, one of their favorite easy French ice cream, sorbet, black currant ( Cassis Sorbet ) . Without this wonderful berry sorbet, none of my trip to France. We sell sorbet blackcurrant . unfortunately, no, but it, like other sorbets are easy to make at home . Use black currant, or any other berry that you have on hand, fresh or frozen. This ice cream contains neither cream nor eggs ; only the berries, water and sugar. The result is a homemade ice cream amazing color, flavor and consistency (not to mention the content in berries of vitamins ).

Homemade sorbet – a light ice cream from berries or fruit

You will need:

600 g black currants or other berries or fruit

200 – 250 g of fine sugar (depending on berries and to taste)

approx. 170 ml of water

optional: 1-2 tablespoons berry liqueur made from selected berries (black currant – Cream de Cassis ).

The berries are crushed using a blender and mix with sugar and water until sugar is dissolved. Lemon better blend with zest, to homemade ice cream buy lemons without a wax coating or organic. Add the liqueur (if desired). Chill the mixture in the fridge for a couple hours. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and turn it on. In the process, ice cream freezer homemade ice cream brighten a little, filling up with air. Ready ice cream place in a container and place in freezer overnight. Podavati homemade ice cream and berry sorbet adults can also with liquor.

Homemade ice cream with cream

To make homemade ice cream with cream . in the above recipe sorbet instead of water add the cream to the desired fat content. We love homemade ice cream from the berries with the lightest cream, although it is possible to use heavy, thick – it’s a matter of taste.

Homemade fruit ice cream juice

Fruit ice is juice, fresh (squeezed juice with pulp) or smoothies (fruit cocktail). frozen in a special form for homemade ice cream from the juice . Juice is frozen in the form in 6-8 hours and fruit ice ready. Take your favorite juice or mix juices with pulp, pour into a form and freeze. Especially loved Popsicles to the kids. Quick, tasty and useful!

We make homemade Popsicles all year round, I always harvested in the freezer, 4 small frozen juice for our children and their guests. Forms for fruit ice is not very durable, about once a year I buy new ones. Our children most of all love homemade Popsicles out of orange juice, sometimes asked to do it from Apple. One time I was at their request had frozen in the molds for homemade fruit ice . cocoa.

The history of ice cream

Ice cream surrounded by many legends and now it is hard to determine which of them is true and what is beautiful Fudge manufacturers. They say the Roman Emperor Nero Claudius was crazy about frozen fruit drinks (predecessors of modern sorbet ). He sent slaves to the mountains for snow and ice, which for him then were frozen and stored fruit juices with pulp. According to another version, Marco Polo brought the recipe for ” cones ” to Italy from China, and Caterina de ‘ Medici, known for its gastronomic predilections, introduced with ice cream French court when she married Henry de Valois. Also popular is the legend of king Charles I, for which his court chef invented a delicious ice-creams and Charles paid him a special content to have this unique recipe was kept secret. After the overthrow and execution of king ice cream recipe has become a well-known court. All these beautiful stories, however, if it occurred, did not leave any historical documents.

In reality, prior to the occurrence and development of refrigeration, ice cream was a luxury for the big holidays could afford favorites. The production and storage of ice cream required a large labor costs. Ice cut in the winter in ponds and lakes and stored in large quantities in special underground “the ice houses” – large pits, wood and insulated with straw. In the 17th century were opened cooling technology (dissolving salts in water and mixing salt with snow and ice), and in the 19th century with the invention of a machine for making ice cream . In the middle of the 20th century in Britain was invented “soft ice cream “, which contains more air and the cost of which, respectively, below normal. It is these discoveries and inventions eventually made public and ice cream favorite treat.

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