Ivan tea beneficial properties

Long since in Russia there are many herbs useful properties which are time-tested and used in folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of

certain diseases. One of such medicinal plants is fireweed (its another name epilobium angustifolium), has a whole range of useful properties.

What is more useful: roots, stems, flowers or leaves of fireweed?

Fireweed – it is a perennial plant, growing abundantly along the country roads, meadows and glades. Plant height reaches up to 150 cm medium-Sized flowers clustered in racemes of different colors, ranging from common red color with a purple tint to pale pink or white. The roots of the plants creeping, well developed.

Flowering fireweed lasts from June to August. For medicinal purposes, the useful properties of land parts of fireweed, and very importantly their time to collect and properly dried. Flowers, leaves and stems of willow-herb collected during the flowering and dried in dry, ventilated areas (e.g. in the attic), laying thin layers and turning occasionally. Roots, Ivan-tea is harvested in the autumn after flowering and dried in the oven or in the oven at a temperature no higher than 65C, resulting in a maximum preservation of the useful properties of the roots of the willow herb in the form of vitamins and minerals.

In this article we will talk about the beneficial properties of this amazing plant. About how to harvest willow herb, how to apply, and what are the side effects of its use, can be read here and here .

Useful properties of fireweed

Useful properties of fireweed largely depend on its composition. This plant is one of the record for vitamin C content (6 times more than lemon), contains quite a large amount of useful protein that is easily digested. Fireweed contains various trace elements: manganese, iron, copper, etc., as well as calcium, potassium, sodium, etc.

Ivan-tea contains no caffeine, is contraindicated for many people, oxalic acid. As a result, the tea made from this plant, does not violate the metabolism.

Harvested willow herb used as a tea (two teaspoons of dry mix in 200g of boiling water). Useful properties of fireweed is just gorgeous!

Use fireweed, for which it is harvested

Ivan tea has a calming effect.

Ivan tea boosts immunity.

Ivan tea helps to get rid of migraines and insomnia.

Ivan tea improves bowel activity.

Ivan tea has anti-inflammatory, expectorant action.

Ivan tea has a hemostatic effect.

Ivan tea helps to get rid of addiction to alcohol.

In addition, Ivan tea is used for prevention and treatment of male diseases — prostatitis and BPH. It is said that in this case he simply has no rivals.

Due to the possession of data useful properties fireweed is indicated for colds and infectious diseases, nervousness and cardioneurosis, diseases of the stomach, colitis and gastritis, diarrhea, respiratory diseases, uterine bleeding, as well as to strengthen the body and enhance immunity, improve sleep, etc. This tea is a healthy drink to children when teething, as well as women during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Brewed infusion retains its properties and pleasant scent during three days, and one serving of dried plant can be used multiple times.

The roots of the willow-herb can be eaten raw and roasted, to cook the flour and bake bread.

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