Kalmyk tea

Actually this tea is also called Mongol, Kirghiz, and domba or maps of Jomboy. That is, Kalmyk – this tea with milk, salt and often sharp, buttered, spread in the Caucasus, in Asia, in southern Siberia.

If we talk about the major components of this tea, the

first thing is a mix of green and black teas, and a diverse mixture of grasses, which are based on Badan. Herbs for Kalmyk tea is harvested before flowering, which provides the drink hypoallergenic ü. Tea leaves for this tea are harvested usually in late autumn after harvest of the main crop of young tea leaves. Due to the fact that tea leaves are not subjected to withering and fermentation, Kalmyk tea has a tart, slightly bitter taste and a peculiar yellow-red. The mixture of tea leaves and herbs pressed into briquettes, weighing from 0.3 to 2.5 to 2.8 pounds.

The origin of Kalmyk tea

This tea is the drink of the nomads. Most likely, spread it from the Mongols, who, having received from the Chinese tea, began to prepare the drink on its own. Another version says that the ancestor of Kalmyk tea came to the nomads from Tibet. Whatever it was, to Russia Kalmyk tea came from the Golden Horde.

The Kalmyks well-known legend about the benefits of Kalmyk tea. in which the origin of tea is associated with a named religious reformer Tsongkhapa. It says that once Tsongkhapa was sick and contacted a famous healer. He ordered one drink, calling it “divine” (deeds ideas), and recommended Conhave to consume it on empty stomach for seven days. Performing the instructions of the doctor, on the seventh day, which coincided with the 25th day of the month of the leopard on the lunar calendar, Tsoncheva got rid of the disease. On this occasion, he commanded all believers to this day to put burhnam oil lamp, to add to his age one year (neg us suoh) and cook who had healed him a drink called Kalmyks later “haling C” (“maps of Jomboy”). Since then, according to legend, the Kalmyks began to celebrate the holiday’zhul, which is the most revered dish was Kalmyk tea. And in memory of the miraculous healing of steel annually to make tea ritual offerings to the deities (deer,arglen)

Use Kalmyk tea

Many nutritionists recommend drinking Kalmyk tea to those who want to shed extra pounds, because the basis of this drink is green tea, which accelerates metabolism and perfectly from the body detoxifies. Great use of this tea can feel and nursing mothers, because tea promotes lactation. Kalmyk tea runs perfectly hops, just a couple of cups a day can quickly cope with diseases such as metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency. Kalmyk tea will raise the tone, provide a flow of energy and effort and energy, which are so necessary to modern man. Also Kalmyk tea is very nutritious and after a long time not want to eat.

Some afternoon tea? How to understand the store assortment?

Classic Kalmyk tea made from pressed green tea. Just because the extruded form was always more convenient than a scattering, for nomads. But the taste of pressed tea is special, different from ordinary green tea. So those who are accustomed to it once, remain faithful to. Although conventional leaf tea is also produced original drink.

The second ingredient Kalmyk tea – milk. It will fit any: cow, horse, camel, sheep, goat… it is Best to use Mare’s or camel, as the ancient nomads. The third mandatory ingredient – salt. Put also black pepper, nutmeg and Bay leaf. And yet – a piece of butter. However, you can replace mutton fat. How to cook?

Nowadays there are several types of Kalmyk tea:

Kalmyk tea 3in1 -( the composition of it is also different) “Classic” Tea King (also known as “HAAN TEA” . but because of the imitations that have flooded the markets of Russia, it is now necessary to be able to distinguish How to distinguish the fake ones? and Ogedei Haan Tea (made in Mongolia and Singapore) Composition: Green tea, milk,cream, salt. I note that all the ingredients are entirely natural. There are a lot of soluble “Kalmyk tea production in Russia. The main difference between them is the addition of green tea and black, well, not all manufacturers can boast a 100% natural milk or cream, hence the lower price. Kalmyk brick tea is produced from coarse leaves and shoots (they are rude-pregroove), as well as material from spring pruning of tea bushes (this is where twigs!). It consists of rough leaves of the tea Bush (25%) and rough shoots with leaves (75%). Tea leaves are not fermented and withering, so the drink of them has a distinctive tart, slightly bitter taste and yellow-red color. That is, the aroma and taste of this tea is not as thin as a conventional leaf teas, and a dense, saturated, as this tea is not brewed as usual, and cooked.

Recipes Kalmyk tea very much. The basis for the preparation of it consists of milk, salt, butter. Add black pepper and other spices.

Kalmyk tea is a tile or brick densely compacted coarse leaves and shoots of tea, as well as material left over from spring pruning of tea bushes. The weight of the tile is about 1.8 kilograms. Tea leaves are not fermented and withering, so the drink of them has a distinctive tart, slightly bitter taste and yellow-red color .

Here you can purchase a large amount of soluble 3B1 “Kalmyk tea” PR-VA Russia, Mongolia and Singapore, as well as Tiled(presso bath) 1 plate – about 1.8 kg, 1/2 plate and even 1/4.

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