Recipes homemade milkshakes

The recipes for homemade milk shakes

If your family live big fans of milk — knowledge of recipes and ways of making homemade milkshakes are very useful. Moreover, to prepare this drink at home is absolutely not difficult.

Milk is a very useful product, the content of useful components is difficult to overestimate. If the child does not like milk, offer him a drink. Fans of this drink a lot and not everyone of them likes easy milk. In the preparation of the cocktail is not necessary to stick to the recipe, you can use any fruits and berries. It all depends on the taste of your household. The only condition in cooking is the freshness of the milk that is used. Milkshake is especially good in the summer heat. But fans of the

drink are not averse to eat them anytime of the year.


For preparation will need 1 liter of milk, 1.5 banana, 200 grams of ice cream, about a tablespoon of powdered sugar and a little fresh mint to decorate the dessert. Banana finely chop and mix with sugar in a blender. There is add ice cream and milk and all a good whisk. Pour the prepared drink into glasses and garnish with leaves of fresh mint. Instead of banana, you can use other fruits and berries.

Chocolate milkshake

To prepare this homemade drink will need 1 liter of milk, a tablespoon of powdered sugar, 200 grams of chocolate ice cream and 50 grams of chocolate for decoration. All the ingredients, except the chocolate, mix in blender, pour into tall glasses. From top to decorate, grate the chocolate.

If you don’t have fresh berries or fruit, you can substitute canned. In this case, add the powdered sugar caution is needed because in the cans already have sugar. Don’t use fruit — just whisk in a few spoonfuls of canned compote.

If you want your milkshake called appetite, it should be served in tall glasses with straws. A beautifully decorated dish will appreciate all the home. Best of all, this drink is served chilled, but if a child is sick, but tasty all the same want — not necessarily to give cold. Cook from a little warmed milk. The main thing — to please baby! For the child who hurts, a cocktail will serve as an additional source of calcium and vitamins. Homemade milkshakes, recipe — Recipes ice-cream with banana in blender | How to make the most

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