St. Petersburg Institute of Coffee and Tea

Rules of preparation and consumption of tea

Manual for the bartender

Tea four important components: tea, water, utensils, skill of the bartender. Each of these components is of crucial importance, because only together they ensure the high quality of the drink, which is the goal of every professional bartender.

Tea necessary soft purified water (with a minimum salt content) because hard water due to high salt content hides part of the taste and does not fully disclose tea bouquet. Therefore, it is recommended to use soft drinking water from bottles or water that has passed through the filter,

past system cleanup and mitigation. When brewing tea is not suitable tap water, because it contains a lot of impurities and chlorine.

Water should always be fresh, brought to the boil once and not percipia. Precipita water spoils the tea gives the drink the stiffness and makes it empty. Watching the boiling water, we can distinguish three stages. The first begins with the appearance on the bottom and on the surface of the water near the walls of the kettle bubbles. Second stage is characterized by rapid mass bubbles rise, and then even the whitening of the water – this is the so-called boiling “white key”. It is extremely short-lived and soon replaced the third stage – intense bubbling water. For welding you need to take water in the middle of the boil when it boils «white key”. That is why it is not recommended to use water from the coffee machine.

Even if you slept through the best stage «white key”, then try as much as possible off brought to the third stage of boiling the kettle. Best of all, if then you will give it to cool slightly (2-4 min), and I can safely brew. In the third stage of the boil (or slightly cooled) water is acceptable for brewing fermented (black) tea, but unsuitable for brewing white or green teas.

For full disclosure of the taste of the tea it is necessary that the temperature regime during the cooking process, and the tasting was optimal. This imposes certain requirements to the pan, because the material from which it is made, affects the maintenance of these parameters are normal. Best glass, ceramic and porcelain tableware, allowing you to keep the temperature constant throughout the required brewing time.

If You want to make a high quality drink, all ingredients must be of high quality. Green tea leaves are collected manually subjected to careful and thorough treatment at all stages of production. This is the only opportunity to preserve and pass on its aroma and unique features of tea leaves. All teas, both black, and green, are processed only classical time-consuming method, tasters-chewed deliberately choose different supplements and tea consists of unique bouquets.

Leaf tea is not only for lovers who appreciate the tea ceremony, but for those who are not ready to compromise in the daily rush. There is a wide selection of high quality teas from the best plantations of the world, which considers the needs of each guest

The skill of the bartender

It is necessary to observe the temperature regime and dosage in the preparation of tea.

Green, white and yellow hot water is poured 70-75ºC, black tea and PU erh pour hot water 80-85ºC. To prepare a beverage from titanov (not tea blends and fruit use water temperatures of 85 to 90ºC

If you use water from the coffee machine (almost steam temperature 100ºC), before pouring the boiling water into the teapot, you need in the kettle, add the ice cubes from the ice maker – green tea 3 dice, for black – 2 dice. Only after that you can pour boiling water (passing through the ice, boiling water cooled and the ice melts and as a result the average water temperature will be close to correct).

The water should be about 1 cm to cover the kettle. It is recommended to immediately cover with the kettle lid.

After the steeping time the strainer should be removed from the kettle to avoid over extraction of tea and changes its taste.

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