The best methods to combat stale and unpleasant breath!

Do not try to mask the smell of stale mint gum or tea with mint! Mint is very good highlights the spirits, and from You will smell much stronger than before. Completely useless at this time, mints and candy.

Always keep in your pocket a little bit of coffee beans. Coffee absorbs well “flavors” of alcohol if its slowly chew teeth. By the way, coffee is invigorating, so new year’s

eve this recipe seems the most relevant.

“Antipolice” I think it’s pretty useless thing, for this purpose I also chew cough drops. And the title is wrong with the police better not meet, if You drank a little bit.

“Antipolice” designed not for the elimination of alcohol and acetic aldehyde from the human body, but on eliminating the odor, the claims against him as a means of emergency, should not be. As for me, it works perfectly. These lozenges have a strong smell, and the effects of their designed not to eradicate the smell, and the almost complete absorption of his disguise.

“Antipolice” or sprays should buy it right now — during the holidays this can be a problem. Need to take care about it, or use folk remedies. A lot of them, personally I almost always use what is on every holiday table – nuts, lemon (with peel), parsley.

You can try to mask this nasty peregory smell other, more powerful. For example, the smell of garlic or onions.

Oleg, well this method is known to all, only from this “flavor” surrounding people also unlikely to be happy about.

I can only say the experience of her own husband that “Antipolice” helps to eliminate the smell of fumes. My husband always has these lollipops at home, in case of any surprises. But these pills have a secret – their action is weakened, if after their resorption to smoke, to drink even a SIP of the drink with alcohol, drink tea. If absorbable “Antipolice, will ya nothing else to drink, eat. Ate or drank – take another Lollipop, otherwise the smell will once again be persecuted.

As a medic, I can say — you can perform prevention hangover aftertaste in the mouth after the party. Before the festive meal, drink a bit of heavy cream, a table spoon of any oil or a glass of rich milk, hot chocolate. Meal to start out the fat soup. During the evening you should not mix all alcoholic drinks in a row. So, if You drink wine do not go for vodka or brandy. After the feast, you must drink activated charcoal up to 20 pills, brush my teeth. Smell will be!

My husband is always wearing dry orange peel and cinnamon sticks. They help to eliminate not only a nasty smell after fume, but generally permanent unpleasant odor, freshen breath. Alcohol spices not afford “to kill”, and make a nice breath please.

From the strong smell of alcohol helps me well to rinse the mouth with oil. Mouth with a table spoon of any crude oil (vegetable, of course), walk with him for about 5 minutes, rolled it in his mouth, then spit out.

Gum do not use is useless. They only increase the smell of alcohol, not hiding anything. “Antipolice” good, more likely to use them. If candy is not at hand, actively and commonly used folk remedies. Only there is nothing to count on the effect of applying one of the above – it would be better if, for example, first rinse the mouth with salt solution, then drink tea with ginger, and then chew Laurel leaves and carnation. To finish the procedure and the gum is still the smell will not remain any, even the slightest trace.

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