The original dummies

The original dummies: photo, styles, ideas

The original teapots managed to turn from a trivial kitchen appliances in unusual attributes of the tea ceremony. Thanks to designer ideas among cookware appeared incredible in appearance vessels. For their production of the wizard, use glass, porcelain. clay, wood, bamboo and even metal. Each model surprises with an original design and color palette. Each of them has its own twist which makes it unique. A collection of original teapots invites you to plunge into the world of unusual dishes and enjoy the beauty of designer creations.

Teapots for brewing

The teapot is an important attribute of the tea ceremony. It is designed specifically to prepare the magic potion. Unique vessel allows you to unlock the full taste and aroma of the tea. A traditional drink with rich energy and gives a great mood . Collection teapot full of diversity and this is gorgeous. A special place among her models take the original teapots, different in shape, size and material of manufacture . Among them are:

Wrought iron kettle for brewing, made of copper and silver

Perfect handmade, unusual shape and beautiful ornament combined with natural materials. The result of their tandem is a unique vessel . made by the method of Japanese forging. Brewed drink in it has special properties. This is because copper and silver to purify the water and fill it with ions.

Kettle glass elephant

Spout and handle of the vessel element is used that simulates the trunk and tail of the animal. A product made from heat-resistant glass, like a work of art . Its transparent walls allow you to see the beauty of a classic drink in a rich hue. Decorative teapot does not detract from its functional qualities. Tea made in it, has excellent taste and unique aroma.

Ceramic kettle on a metal stand

He has an unusual design and great shaped body with an elongated spout. Its originality lies in the ability to pour a drink without removing the vessel from the base. Just holding the handle, tilt the spout to the Cup. Drink trickle fill it almost to the brim, extending around the room a wonderful fragrance .

Teapot with two spouts

It is an elegant composition and is able to simultaneously fill two cups of coffee. The original teapots unusual design is perfect for romantic breakfasts and cheer up for the whole day. Only one appearance will make you smile, and the drink will cheer you up and will give a lot of positive emotions.

Porcelain teapots with coloured glazing, silvering and gilding

Gorgeous appearance models mesmerizing look unusual design. The original teapots delight and surprise. Each model is a miniature masterpiece, but highly functional. Among them there are teapots that simulates the computer monitor, vintage writing Desk, antique dresser, classic cuckoo clock, a stack of books, locomotive and inkwell.

Original electric kettles

Traditional kettles. true bearing service for a long time, now replaced by more advanced models. They heat the water to a certain temperature, which is necessary for brewing different types of tea. A collection of unusual instruments combines original teapots, among which on the other there are the following products:

kettle from the manufacturer Beko lovers of traditional Russian tea drinking . Outwardly, it resembles a samovar, but with more sophisticated lines. Complete attached is the teapot made of white porcelain. The tap on the case complements the similarity with merchant samovar. The model has a separate heating system and the regime of maintaining the temperature of the water. Beautiful kettle-samovar decorate the kitchen and give her interior a special charm. kettle from the company Bork will surprise fans of tea ceremonies opportunity to perform not only the traditional role, but also to make a flavored drink. Functional model in stainless steel and glass will fit perfectly in the kitchen interior in the style of hi-tech or minimalism. Among its analogues allocates automatic movable basket for the tea leaves. Select the correct temperature for brewing certain type of tea provides an automatic mode; ceramic electric kettle in the Oriental style. Its unusual design is made in black and Golden color. The model in the form of a hemisphere has two curved handles are different in shape and size. It serves as the basis of disk heating element that is hosting the ceramic body. Together they form a single functional and decorative composition; glass electric kettle. Unusual model with lighting can turn an ordinary tea party into a colourful spectacle. Glass model gives the opportunity to contemplate the process of boiling water. At this time, numerous water bubbles are painted a bright color and create a visual mini-show. Volume pot designed for a large family and especially liking kids light effects. Spherical enclosure with internal lighting water can fit in both classical and modern interior of the kitchen.

Original painted teapots

Painted teapots made of porcelain remarkable and graceful decor. They are outstanding representatives of the model in the Chinese style. The decoration of the products is hand painted in a classic style. White background, serving as the basis of the drawing, decorate artsy ornaments of blue. An elegant product will be a great gift and impressive decoration.

Japanese porcelain is not inferior to the beauty of Chinese models. Porcelain teapots, fine workmanship with exquisite forms differ rich decor. Floral ornament hides the opened tender buds of roses, framed with gold leaves on a turquoise background. The original teapots for every taste is a catalog shopping club. Collection of unusual kitchen items will help you choose effective model. Any of them worthy to become functional and decorative attribute of Your kitchen.

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