What are the benefits of green tea

Around green tea there has always been a certain aura of mystery. Its beneficial and therapeutic properties admired by most connoisseurs of this drink from Europe, as everything connected with the East seemed to be a fantastic and magical. It is worth noting that the impression of its usefulness in any case is not an exaggeration.

Today most scientists officially confirm its therapeutic

potential. But still, its properties and characteristics should be treated with a certain poise in advance and to understand what he’s dealing with Amateur hot drink.

Features of tea

Any useful substance if overused already beginning to bring no benefit and harm. The same truth is quite applies to green tea. In certain doses, its properties are priceless, but incorrect use of this drink its harm may also be palpable. What is the secret of its useful properties and what should be balanced by drinking this beverage?

First of all, you should pay attention to its chemical composition. It determines the subsequent taste of the drink and its impact on the human body. In green tea there is a sufficiently large number of various substances, including about five hundred items and four hundred and fifty species of beneficial organic compounds. It also contains almost all vitamins.

The mere amount of the above nutrients is impressive in itself. Therefore, the medicinal properties of the drink, with such an abundance of useful elements is not surprising.

Special attention should be paid to the alkaloids. In the greatest number present in green tea caffeine. He is responsible for the rush of vitality and energy. But here caffeine is in pure form and in the associated and is called theine. He quite strongly stimulates mental and physical activity of the whole organism, but is much softer than pure caffeine.

Minerals also have a large percentage of useful properties. The tea itself contains about 4-7% of macro – and micronutrients. Thanks to these components, and is full metabolism in the body.

For example, if the body decreases the zinc content, then begins the process of decline of the immune system, which also entails the loss of hair and brittle nails. Correctly use green tea, you can, if not solve 100% of the problem, it is noticeable to facilitate treatment in conjunction with medical drugs.

Also in tea are polyphenols, which are actively studied today by physicians. These elements are used extensively in medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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