White Chai

Tea is a drink, to talk about which is impossible without platitudes. But all these platitudes is fair, accurate and beautiful. Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. Tea is one of the six drinks that have defined the development of our civilization and an important part of the history and culture of Russia. Tea is a simple daily mass drink and, at the same time, full and complex element of high gastronomy. Even the word “tea” has two meanings — it is, simultaneously, a drink that was prepared from the leaves of Camellia sinensis and any drink that was prepared by brewing in hot water parts of plants.

Tea card

A great idea of white tea is that after collecting the tea leaves as little as possible to interfere in the natural course of what is happening in the tea leaf event. Thanks to a sensitive and philosophical approach, it turns out tea is similar to birch SAP. Elusive delicious, very tasty and extremely romantic.

White tea is perfect to drink by itself. White tea, you can substitute white wine. White tea is perfectly combined with nuts and dried fruits and all sounds and looks incredibly easy and fashionable. White tea you can buy for yourself or as a gift. White tea can be stored for years and surprised his changing taste. Try it!

Formally, all kinds of tea (green, white, yellow, Oolong, black-red and black-Chinese) are different from each other according to the degree and nature of enzymatic oxidation (fermentation) occurring in tea leaves after harvesting. In principle, you can even link all kinds of tea with the degree of fermentation, percentage — but this relationship is not exact. However, all kinds of tea can quite accurately be compared by the degree of fermentation between them. And the statement “black fermented tea than Oolong” will almost always be undeniable and will not cause issues in any tea lover.

But the fact that white tea is more fermented than green tea, for many, turns out to be a surprise. Although. once you get to know the production technology of green and white tea, there is nothing surprising in this fact will not appear. In the production of green tea enzymatic oxidation in it stop immediately after harvest tea leaves and it is very weak, almost zero. In the production of white tea enzymatic oxidation in it stops naturally after drying the tea leaves — and manages to go quite far (compared to green tea).

Due to this slight, but noticeable enzymatic oxidation, white tea is characteristic of freshly-baked tones in taste and aroma. And most of his other properties of white tea inherits the raw materials from which it is produced. The fact is that from the same Bush at almost the same time to gather the raw materials for three different white teas. From unopened buds are doing fine and fine “Silver needle”, from the youngest leaves are rounded, dense and velvety “White peony”, and from the leaves of coarser white teas are simple, but very good quality and tasty. All of these white teas will be different — but each of these white teas will find its rightful place on the tea table. And not only on tea, by the way.

The white tea has an interesting gastronomic property. It can be excellent substitute for dry white wine. And not such replacement, which is used from despair (“no white wine, so at least drink white tea”), and the replacement of full — delicious and gastronomic. Finally, white tea can be infused in cold water. This should be done long enough, a few hours — but the result is a wonderfully tasty and very healthy refreshing drink. Be sure to try!

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