White tea

White tea is considered the best variation among different varieties, it’s no wonder the cost is so high, because it is rich in nutrients and vitamins (A, group B, PP, C, P) that make it so useful for our body.

Collection white tea is produced only in spring and only in China in the mountainous areas of the province of Fujian. Procedures for collecting and processing of white tea are made according to strict rules. For example, following the rules, picking tea leaves can only be done in the morning time period from five to nine hours, while the collector also provides for certain rules. In particular, they are forbidden to include in your daily diet garlic, spices, onions, alcohol and any other compounds with strong

odors that can spoil the aroma of the tea leaves.

To collection subject only the top one or two leaves, which are further subjected to a steam treatment in a minute, and then drying, and no twisting, as a result tea brew has the appearance of a scattering of dry leaves. Young leaves are covered with a delicate bloom, the Chinese call it “white cilia”. The most expensive varieties of white tea are only the top poursuivies leaves. The tea leaves don’t curl, maximum remaining intact. Also in qualitatively the white tea is not broken, dull or oxidized leaves of dark shades. Fermentation of this type of tea comes naturally without the use of any technology.

White tea required careful approach. Brewing white tea also have a strict sequence of actions that allow you to get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the drink. So, to brew white tea needs hot (but not boiling!) water that is brought to a boil (about 50-70 degrees Celsius). If the water is paricipating, it will not allow you to completely open up the aroma of white tea.

Keep the leaves of white tea you need in a tin, tightly closed, without air and odors. After brewing it turns out fine, fragrant and delicious beverage amber mixed with green hue. Because the natural taste of white tea several weak, it is recommended to drink after a spicy, salty, and other products that leave a strong aftertaste. It should be consumed in between meals, no seizing.

The benefits of white tea.

The benefits of white tea are simply invaluable for our body. It is considered the most natural of all varieties, because its leaves in the collection are subjected to minimal processing, preserving all nutrients. In its composition of white tea contains a lot of vitamins, antioxidants that have a rejuvenating effect on the body, slowing the aging process and preventing the development of malignancies (particularly colon cancer). Compresses on the basis of white tea can protect the skin from harmful UV rays, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and keeping skin elasticity and smooth the complexion. In addition, this kind of tea has antibacterial, antiviral effect, strengthening the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

White tea contains a huge amount of fluoride that regular use prevents the formation and development of dental calculus and caries. In addition, according to the latest researches of the American scientists white tea has a damaging effect on fat cells, because, according to them, it consists of natural substances that promote weight loss.

It’s also worth noting that the inclusion of white tea in your daily diet is an excellent prevention of upper respiratory tract infection, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus (according to scientists at North Dakota State University). He also has detoxifying properties, cleansing our body from accumulated toxins (including alcohol, chemical and food intoxication).

It is worth saying also that white tea effect on cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, reducing their level. White tea is also useful in cases of stress, depression, chronic fatigue. helps to improve the emotional state, removing the symptoms of overstimulation and is an ideal replacement sedative and antidepressant remedies.

The benefits of white tea during pregnancy.

In General contraindications to the use of white tea have been identified, so can be drunk during pregnancy. However, it is still recommended to consult with the leading pregnancy doctor. During pregnancy this tea perfectly protect from colds, soothe the nervous system, and will also keep the skin young and elastic.

Despite the absence of contraindications in big amounts white tea should not eat. True connoisseurs of tea ceremonies is not recommended to drink this tea during the time when the spirit dwells in a poor or irritable condition. When brewing should be very cautious and careful, do not make the tea too strong.

How to brew white tea.

As mentioned earlier, white tea does not tolerate boiling water, as from its impact destroyed the finest essential oils that it contains. Brewing is recommended to use pure spring or filtered water, brought to a boil. Then within a few minutes the water should cool down. Pre-boiled water also can not be used.

The ideal temperature for brewing tea ceremony is considered to be 60-75° C. the Water should be placed in a pre-warmed teapot made of glass or ceramics. Because the leaves of the tea leaves are not curled (more volume), for a single serving of tea will take a few more leaves, about two tablespoons of welding. The duration of infusion depends on the type of tea, on average, the first welding requires about five minutes, and the subsequent two to three minutes. Brewing white tea can be no more than three or four times.

For therapeutic purposes, white tea should be brewed (infuse) for fifteen minutes. For example, for the normalization of blood pressure is recommended to drink white tea three times a day. The course of treatment is three to four weeks.

White tea is a true delight for gourmets. Due to the very low content in its composition caffeine and tannin, white tea has a mild taste compared to other varieties of tea. To understand the delicate taste of the drink, to drink it’s important to be prepared. Be sure to choose a free moment, to prepare a separate specially designed for white tea Cup. It is worth noting that the utensils must be absolutely clean, odorless detergents or other beverages.

If you are a lover of black teas, before you try white tea, you need some time to drink and taste the green tea. otherwise, no taste or scent of white you will not feel.

The most famous varieties of white tea are: “white peony”, “eyebrow old man”, “green snow”, white silver needle”, “snow Bud”, “gift”.

White tea is not cheap, to allow that not everyone, about three hundred rubles per one hundred grams. This unique drink is a perfect and welcome gift for true connoisseurs of tea.

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