White tea – composition and properties.

Real white tea refers to the rather expensive drinks as for its production are used exclusively by the kidneys and which arise from them, the tiny leaves. And they’re going with tea bushes certain varieties that can be found only in China and in very limited quantities.

In order to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of white tea it is necessary to observe certain conditions of brewing this drink. So, the ideal crockery

for this elite tea is, of course, porcelain (it is noteworthy that the greater the density of the glaze, the better).

As for water used for brewing white tea, it must be fresh, clean, and brought to a boil (just heated to a temperature high 85°C). Otherwise it turns into a “dead” of water. The optimal amount of dried buds and leaves of white tea is considered to be about four grams per 150 ml of water.

Types of white tea

The most valuable varieties or types of white tea is Bai Hao Yin Zhen, which ideally consists exclusively of the buds of the plant. Its name is translated into Russian language can be called as silver needle white haired. In second place is Bai Mu Dan or white peony. In it the buds of the tea Bush mixed with the young leaves.

It is clear that to afford daily to enjoy such an expensive luxury not everyone can drink. But fortunately, there are some types of white tea, which, although they stand in the class a little lower, but still belong to a noble. They are also able to enchant their pleasant aroma and wonderfully smooth taste. Get this tea, collecting damaged buds and leaves, which are considered married. In this case, these varieties of white tea as the Hun Mei, and Gong Mei.

The composition of white tea

In the composition of white tea contains not only vitamins, A, PP and C, but also some micro – and macroelements. Also, contained in this elite tea amino acid, nicotinic acid, and relatively small amounts of caffeine.

The benefits of white tea

It is proved that the Chinese are not in vain called white tea is the elixir of immortality, because the substances in its composition, collected together, are indeed able to significantly prolong youth, to preserve health and strengthen the human spirit.

The benefits of white tea is, and in some healing properties: stimulates the immune system, to optimize the functioning of the heart, excrete toxins and waste products, to help in the fight against excess weight. In addition, recent experiments confirm the benefits of white tea which acts as a fairly effective drug, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Harm white tea

Interestingly, the notion of harm white tea does not exist at all, since this drink is absolutely no contraindications, therefore, can enjoy it all people without exception.

The caloric content of White tea 140.9 kcal.

The energy value of the product Black tea (the Ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates):

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